Oneiric Worlds
Based in Toulouse, France

Founding date:
April, 2010


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The Great Hide N Seek Expawdition
A Thiefs Melody
Silent Night


Oneiric Worlds is a video game studio founded in 2010 by Mathias Fontmarty. Its goal is to create feel good games that inspire people.


Mathias is a young dreaming kid. Even now, even if, according to all age statistics, he's supposed to be a "grown-up". He fell in love with video games a long time ago, during a nice afternoon at his parents, when some older friends gave him and his brother their old MO5 (a very old dinosaur computer if you don't know). Under his very own eyes, his friends started to code a simple game (which he swore was the best game in the world, of course). At this very moment, he has just discovered the power of lines of code. He was 6. By the way, thank you sooo much Stephane and Philippe if you happen in any way to read all this.

Then, wanting to do like his friends, he tried himself, typing his very first program: "make a game where two ships can shoot each other". Surprisingly enough, the computer replied "Syntax Error". God, these machines really have no imagination. He just had his first developer fail.

Since then, he never stopped trying. He failed many other times. He's still failing. But on the way, he learned a thing or two. Luckily, he also really liked drawing, playing music, and imagining stuff from comics/movie/animes. What would be better than creating video games to do all this at the same time? And even more luckily, he has always been supported enough by his family and friends to never give up. 30 years later, he's still doing what he has always been doing, creating games.

Maybe he will succeed? Maybe he will crash again? Who knows? But the fun is on the path, not in the goal. Anyways, even if it doesn't work, he'll keep on doing it! Because Mathias is still a young dreaming kid.

At the moment he is seriously working on 2 main projects: A Thief's Melody, a Zelda-like adventure game, and Slide, a multi player animal racing game.



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