Silent Night - A Christmas Delivery

Ride Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve and deliver all the presents. Explore islands generated procedurally, make smart moves and find the best route to maximize your score... Or just chill out in this silent night.

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Silent Night is an endless game where you play as Santa Klaus delivering presents during the Christmas night.

Take the reins of Santa's sleigh and smoothly steer the magic reindeers. But be careful! It's not as easy as it seems, and you'll have to anticipate every move in order to deliver all the presents to houses.

All levels are generated procedurally which means that every game is a new one. You can fly away anytime you want if you don't like where you are.

Achieving the best score is a subtle balance between finding the shortest route, riding near walls or fir trees, performing nice trick moves, and triggering combos at the right moment. You'll have to watch the environment carefully in order to seize every opportunity.

And if you're not into high scores, you can just enjoy peacefully riding the reindeers and discover the snowy environments in this Silent Night.

The game is designed to have super simple controls (only move) but with enough complexity in the gameplay to spice things up. The development was started during... Christmas holidays of 2020! Just to get the right mood...




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