Play up to 8 friends (or enemies) together in this couch multiplayer racing game with cute sliding animals for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Dive and jump to avoid obstacles, use bonuses and master the sliding mechanics on crazy tracks to outrun the horde!

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Play quick & fun races with your friends. Ride cute animals through dreamy tracks and use bonuses to outrun the horde! Master the dive to avoid obstacles and gain boosts, and explore environments to find hidden shortcuts. Or just take a tour and enjoy the view, while listening to the sympho-ethnic soundtrack. That's up to you.

Family friendly multiplayer: play up to 8 players in local splitscreen! Steam "Remote Play Together" is supported. The game is family friendly and offers some assistance for younger players or beginners. However, to fully master the game, you'll have to take advantage of all the controls the game offers. Easy to get, hard to master!

Dive to boost: at any time you can choose to dive under the track; this makes you drift but you gain boosts afterwards. The trick is, diving can also be done in a straight line. Use it wisely to outrun your opponents! But will you be able to handle this super speed? Diving is also useful to avoid bad stuff on the track.

Ride cute animals: who has never dreamt of riding wildlife animals ? Now you can choose among 8 cute animals. All animals have the same stats, so it's only a matter of personal taste.

Everlasting bonuses: find bonuses along the way to boost, protect yourself, or clutter the way of other players... But be careful, every trap will stay there until the end of the race. So try not to punish yourself! It can quickly become a mess and the last lap is often full of surprises.

Dreamy tracks: tracks take place in oneiric worlds where nature is all around: clouds amongst auroras, snowy moutains, tropical islands or celtic lands... Some tracks are totally upside down, others are more peaceful and contemplative. All levels offer hidden shortcuts that you'll have to discover to gain precious seconds.

The game was first designed as a mini racing game/secondary quest for Ekko - A Thief's Melody. As Ekko took quite some time to develop and the mini game evolved so much, it became a stand-alone title. Now you can enjoy a quick & fun race against your friends!




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