Slide is a couch multiplayer race game with cool animals and dreamy environments for Windows, Linux and MacOS.       [ Read More ]
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The game has been initially developed as a mini turtle race game for a Thief's Melody. But it evolved so much I decided to also make it a standalone game. At the moment, I target a release for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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"Iuuuuuuuu" — Willy

"Aaaaawwwwwwwwweeee" — Moby Dick

"Eeeekkkakakak" — Flipper

"Wooof" — My dog

"Finally a race game with turtles !" — Donatello


Hi there! I'm Mat and I've been creating video games since I was a child. I love science, playing music and drawing. So what's better than creating a video game to do all of this at the same time? I do everything alone because I love every part of it and I'm a curious guy who likes to know how it works!

If you're interested in my other projets or my art stuff, check out my portfolio or these places:

Thanks for reading all this :)

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