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World of Thieves – Fight Demo

And here is the last demo of World of Thieves! It’s a 3D adenture/stealth game between “Beyond Good and Evil” and “Zelda”.

Actually this demo is a single whole new level (some kind of pirate marina) to test the fight system. But you can also try the stealth approah if you want 😉 However, I don’t think this level will be in the final game, it’s only a test level. There’s no real goal except getting all the 74 “magnetite” bonus items. But you can wander around and see what happens.


  • QSDZ or arrows: move the character. By default it’s AZERTY-friendly, but you can change the config in 5s on the splash screen.
  • space: jump and climb
  • mouse move: move the camera
  • mouse wheel: zoom
  • left click: attack
  • multiple left clicks: chain attacks
  • hold and release left click: mega attack
  • hold right click: aim with secondary weapon
  • release right click: shoot with secondary weapon.At the moment, you can’t shoot while running.
  • e: weapon menu

There are four weapons:

  • Bo (woodstick): basic melee weapon
  • Slingshot and stones: use it to catch the attention of enemies. 
  • Bow and arrows: to make enemies sleep. You need 4 of them to stun an enemy
  • Graple: useful to get onto unreachable walls.

Easter Egg: OK… That wasn’t intended but there is still something quite funny to discover… beware it’s quite difficult to find

Bug hunt and feedback: As usual, contact me for bugs or any feedback.

Have fun! Peace!