Thomas Zighem Interview

Hi everybody,

It’s been  a while! Don’t worry, I still work on World of Thieves… Lately, I’ve been trying to add continuous background loading of the levels. This means I should be able to create a small “open world” within the game. But more on that later!

This quick post is just to share a little interview with you. I recently came across the dev blog of Genesia, an excellent old strategy game we played a lot with my brother when we were kids. The developper is trying to create a remake on new platforms (Android, IOS…). I contacted him as a huge fan and as an indie colleague to ask him a few questions about his work. The guy was very cool and took the time to explain me a lot of things. It was very nice and motivating to speak with him!

You can see the “interview” (in French, sorry) here:

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