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Hello there,

This week-end I took part in the Ludum Dare contest, a video game creation challenge that lasts 72 hours. I haven’t been able to work for the whole duration, but I found some time to create a little game for the contest: “The Child Spirit”. The theme was “Growing, two button controls”. I made everything from scratch (except the soundscape) in more or less 25h.



The “Child Spirit” is a simple non linear runner game where you play a fox. You must find animals and get back the Forest Spirit who is leaving. The goal is more or less in line with the “growing” theme, as you’re supposed to grow a herd of the forest animals.


  • Space or S : jump
  • Return or D : switch direction


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2 thoughts on “The Child Spirit Demo”

  1. Hi Matt,

    In “The Child Spirit” opening scene, what is the swirling light effect around the fox?
    Is it from a Unity asset, or did you create that yourself?
    Can you give any info on it?

    Reason I ask is that something similar would be perfect for a mini-game learning project I’m doing (I’m a beginner game dev, started on Unity as a hobby earlier this year).

    “A Thief’s Melody” looks amazing, by the way! Would love to buy it for my own kid once you’re done.

    – Adam

    1. Hello Adam! I can totally share the method! It’s a simple particle system I’ve done in Unity: no speed, super small emitter, only random rotation speed. The trick is to use a texture with a simple conic “ray” of light starting from the center of the texture and spreading outwards. I’ll send you a mail with more details. And thanks for a Thief’s Melody 🙂

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