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Tag: Video

  • Level Editor

    Level Editor

    Hello there! Another month has passed, and for once, I’ve focused my work mainly on one thing. Remember my last attempt to create dynamic and slightly authored topologies from the last post? Well, I’ve taken it a step further. It’s now evolving into a level editor for Zefyr, and hopefully, other games. While I’ve already…

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  • Trailer, Demo coming & free jam game

    Trailer, Demo coming & free jam game

    Hello there, Another month has passed, and with it, a few improvements to the game and other stuff. Let’s start with… I – The Technical Part Firstly, the saves are now encrypted, which prevents “easy cheating.” For example, manually editing the save files with a text editor to add unlimited ammo for the player. Now,…

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  • Ocean again, sound design & NPC

    Ocean again, sound design & NPC

    Hello there, Welcome to the April update! What’s new this month? Ocean Gameplay I’ve been working on the ocean gameplay and now, the waves have a real influence on the gameplay! The turtle can move up and down waves and I have also added the ability to jump. This makes the controls more inline with…

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  • Ocean, Saves & Trailer

    Ocean, Saves & Trailer

    Hello everyone, Yes, I’m trying to post a bit more regularly these days. I hope I’ll stick to it. So here’s the summary of what I did this month: Saves As I had some friends test the game, I had to rework the save system. When something went wrong during testing, the save file became…

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  • A few Blender tutorials

    A few Blender tutorials

    Hello there! It’s been a while! As always, I have many new things to share with you, and not enough time to write about it! But one thing at a time 😀! Today I share a few Blender video tutorials I’ve made while creating Slide Animal Race. It’s the making-of of the penguin character, from…

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  • Finally a trailer!

    Finally a trailer!

    Hi! Finally! I took the time to create a trailer to showcase the game. It took me quite some time, but first I had to work on the game to have something to show! So here it is: I hope you’ll like it! Don’t hesitate to share it if you want to help.  

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  • Explosive Plant – Timelapse

    Explosive Plant – Timelapse

    Hello everybody, Here’s another timelapse video of me creating some kind of explosive plant for “A Thief Melody”. I used Krita and Blender.  

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