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Tag: zefyr

  • 🎺Zefyr Demo is out 🎉

    🎺Zefyr Demo is out 🎉

    Yaaaaaaaay ! 🎉🎉🎉 Here it is! Finally! The demo of Zefyr: A Thief’s Melody is now available on the Steam Page: I really hope you’ll like it! If you want to help me spread the news, you can retweet this: Don’t hesitate to stream it, share it to the world, ask your favorite…

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  • 2022 Review

    2022 Review

    Hello everyone, and happy new year! I say this for each blog post, but it’s been a reaaaally long time! Almost one year without writing here. A bad year for blog communication then, but on the bright side, it has been a good year for the developement. Back To Zefyr After working on & updating…

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