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Category: Dev

  • Level Editor

    Level Editor

    Hello there! Another month has passed, and for once, I’ve focused my work mainly on one thing. Remember my last attempt to create dynamic and slightly authored topologies from the last post? Well, I’ve taken it a step further. It’s now evolving into a level editor for Zefyr, and hopefully, other games. While I’ve already…

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  • Ocean again, sound design & NPC

    Ocean again, sound design & NPC

    Hello there, Welcome to the April update! What’s new this month? Ocean Gameplay I’ve been working on the ocean gameplay and now, the waves have a real influence on the gameplay! The turtle can move up and down waves and I have also added the ability to jump. This makes the controls more inline with…

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  • Update of the website

    Update of the website

    Hello eveyone! I finally took the time to update my website! Now you can check all my games at once! Indeed, this year, I’ve worked on a few little games, and in the end, it’s starting to create a nice catalog. So don’t hesitate to take a look, and test them (most of them are…

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  • Fixed Cameras & Translations

    Fixed Cameras & Translations

    Hello everyone, The final release of Slide is approaching! For reminders, it’s planned on February, 17th. Right now I’m working on (better) translations of the game. It will be available in English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish. Here’s a little glimpse at it: It’s pretty weird to rediscover your own game…

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  • Semi-procedural foam shader

    Semi-procedural foam shader

    Hello everyone, It’s been a long time since I last posted a technical tutorial, so finally, here’s a new one. This one will tackle the problem of creating procedural foam for my game. I’ll try to explain my thinking process and the different choices I’ve made to create this: The final foam rendering in my…

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  • Grass & Vegetation

    Grass & Vegetation

    Hello everybody, Recently I tried to visually upgrade the demo in order to achieve a better look for the game. I put some effort on rendering grass and vegetation, so this post will explain my approach. A glimpse at the new grass system!   I – The unity grass system First of all, I considered…

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  • The new Save System

    The new Save System

    Once again, it’s been a long time since the last post. But I’ve been working on many things lately, including (but not limited to): the integration of the new UI of unity for the HUD (= Head Up Display = the information that is displayed in Play Mode), the Link Menu and the World Map.…

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  • 99 % playable –  First milestone!

    99 % playable – First milestone!

    Finally! After more than 3 years of work, I’ve reached a point where the whole main quest of the game is playable. I’ve fully tested it before the Christmas holidays and it took me about 4 hours to speed run the game. Generally speaking, people playing my game take between 1.5 & 3 times longer…

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  • Pollution on the Great Sea

    Pollution on the Great Sea

    Hi there, It’s been a long time since I last posted a (more or less) technical article. So today, I’ll talk about something I recently added to the game: polluted water. The polluted water ring on the Great Sea I – What is polluted water? It’s very simple: it’s some kind of dark water that…

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  • Working on the fighting system

    Working on the fighting system

    Hi there, I’m still working on the game! Crazy isn’t it? Recently, and after many feedbacks I had, I’ve been trying to rework the fighting system to make it more fun  and “punchy” (more effects, more feedback), and I also changed a few controls. Among other things: 1 – The character “slides” much less than…

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  • Aqualums, the main island

    Aqualums, the main island

    Hi there! It’s been a while since I haven’t posted anything game-dev related. But, don’t worry, I won’t write a very technical article this time. I’ll just speak about a new content in the game: Aqualums, the main island (which is NOT the hero home, on which I still have to work by the way…)…

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  • Turtle travelling

    Turtle travelling

    Hello everyone, These last days, I’ve been working on 2 new features in the game: Travelling on the back of a turtle Having a cyclic world (well, technically, this is a torus) OK, these 2 features are slightly linked… I – The Turtle At some point in the game, the player can travel the whole…

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  • Music!


    Hi everybody, After a long silence, I’m going to talk today about music in the game, and more specifically how I make it. I recently tried to re-record the intro music because I had made it quite quickly in the first place. I – First audio tests: Ardour For the first music recording, I used…

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  • World of Thieves goes Open World

    World of Thieves goes Open World

    Hi again folks… [WARNING: This is a crazy technical article. Pursue only if you’re mad] As promised in my last post, here is a pretty technical article to show you the kind of problem I run into and to give you a hint on how I spend my days losing my hair. This one is…

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  • Waterfalls and sleeping water

    Waterfalls and sleeping water

    Hi there! I will just write a quick article on this week’s work: creating the appearance of waterfalls and water/lakes which are not the main sea. The final look of waterfalls. Indeed, I want a world with various (floating) islands and some waterfalls. Maybe you noticed it, but there is already water in the video…

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  • Creation of Tera Island

    Creation of Tera Island

    Hello there, Sorry I didn’t have a lot of time after releasing the last demo, but now I can post a few explanations of my last month work. In this post, I focus on the creation of the hero home island, named Tera (for the moment at least). I – Getting the idea As usual…

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  • New characters: Tal and Terry

    New characters: Tal and Terry

    During the past month, I added 2 new characters to the game: Tal, the hero friend/sidekick that helps him during the missions Terry (and his brothers), the guys running the earth-ship business, enabling you to travel between the various islands.   I – Tal While creating the new Tera island, I wanted the hero not…

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  • First stealth level

    First stealth level

    After this week demo, I will talk about little enhancements and the creation of the first stealth level in a pirate warehouse! I – Little enhancements I added a new screen for object discovery: the first time you find a casual item or every time you find an important item, a little screen pops up…

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  • Water interactions

    Water interactions

    Hi everybody! Here is the usual sum-up of my recent activities, mainly water-character interactions here. I – Swimming animation OK! The first idea was to enhance the swimming of the character. So I first worked on the swimming animation in Blender in order to make it more believable (if you played the last demo or…

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  • Hero equipment

    Hero equipment

    In the previous post, I talked about having pirates who track the player. But the hero doesn’t have any means to respond. So, as he is a thief, and not an assassin, I will give him non-lethal weapons: a wood stick, known as a “Bo” in martial arts, a bow with sleeping arrows, a slingshot,…

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  • Bringing pirates to life

    Bringing pirates to life

    Hello everybody, it’s been a while! I finally managed to get back to work after these long holidays… And since the beginning of October, I’ve worked mainly on the combat system, and interactions/items/weapons. So the incoming demo will focus on this part. I won’t post again the tutorials and 1st level, even if I fixed…

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  • Cutscene and polish

    Cutscene and polish

    Hi everybody, It’s been quite a long time since the last post (and it will be even longer until the next one). I – So… What did I do? During this month of August, I worked on a lot of different things… First, I worked on the graphics of World of Ninjas (my speed-dev week…

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  • Speed Dev Week

    Speed Dev Week

    Hello everybody, This week, it was logistically complicated, because I was away from home… Some kind of holidays in a sense…. So I chose to work on a little side-project: a 2D top-down view stealth game with the possibility for the player to easily create levels. Graphics are of course very simple, but the goal…

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  • Saving data

    Saving data

    Hello everybody, Today, I’ll speak about… saves! So this post won’t have a lot of screenshots, mainly boring text 😉 Not very impressive, but here is the save menu! As I want to be able to build up a complete version of my game as early as possible (even if it’s only on 1 level),…

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