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  • Prologue Release & Polish

    Prologue Release & Polish

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. This month has been packed with updates and improvements to Zefyr, and I’m excited to share them with you. Here’s what we’ve been working on: I – Steam Builds Now there are Steam Achievements for the prologue, the demo, and the full game. I’ve built and deployed…

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  • Marketing & Pet the dog

    Marketing & Pet the dog

    Hello there ! Here come the latest news ! Last month I essentially spent my time on 3 subjects: I – Marketing And yes, you know it now, I force myself to spend more time on marketing… and boy is it difficult. I tried to optimize my reddit ads, but I was disappointed in the…

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  • Level Editor

    Level Editor

    Hello there! Another month has passed, and for once, I’ve focused my work mainly on one thing. Remember my last attempt to create dynamic and slightly authored topologies from the last post? Well, I’ve taken it a step further. It’s now evolving into a level editor for Zefyr, and hopefully, other games. While I’ve already…

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  • Polish & Demo Release

    Polish & Demo Release

    Hello there! It’s time for a quick game update! So, what’s new this month? I – Polish I have mainly focused on polishing various systems, including maps, dialogs, and some sounds: Maps showing 2 floors of the same level. Little interjections to give a bit more life to the character. II – Next Demo OK,…

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  • Ocean again, sound design & NPC

    Ocean again, sound design & NPC

    Hello there, Welcome to the April update! What’s new this month? Ocean Gameplay I’ve been working on the ocean gameplay and now, the waves have a real influence on the gameplay! The turtle can move up and down waves and I have also added the ability to jump. This makes the controls more inline with…

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  • Tests, UI & more

    Tests, UI & more

    Hello everyone! For once, it hasn’t been that long since the last blog post! Yay!So what’s new since last time ? Tests I’m still testing the full game with a few people. I’ve been correcting some soft-locks, too-hard puzzles, missing dialogs and explanations, I’ve improved mission descriptions… The game is better with each test, but…

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