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Tests, UI & more

Hello everyone!

For once, it hasn’t been that long since the last blog post! Yay!
So what’s new since last time ?


I’m still testing the full game with a few people. I’ve been correcting some soft-locks, too-hard puzzles, missing dialogs and explanations, I’ve improved mission descriptions… The game is better with each test, but not polished enough yet. Plus it still lacks all the secondary content.

UI (User Interface) upgrade

I wasn’t very satisfied with it, like if the style was a bit off with the rest of the game. So I tried various stuff and ended with the following. I’m still working on it, but I’ve upgraded the title screen, the menus, and the dialogs. I still need to work on the in-game inventory though. I also added a few sound effects, and tested the UI with a keyboard, a mouse and a controller to check nothing conflicts.

New dialog box
More colorful and detailed title screen.
Option menu (Graphics).


I worked on few 3D assets, among which a directional wood sign to help the player locates herself. I made a little tutorial video from it (in French):

If you dont see the video here, check it out here:


I created 2D assets for a prologue page on Steam. Basically it’s a free (but limited) version of the game (somehow like a demo). It helps spreading the game around a bit more. I also submitted the game to some festivals. Hopefully, I’ll get accepted in a few of them.


I uploaded my first builds on it, and I started to implement the Steam API (useful for achievements for example). A friend tested the game on the Steam Deck, and it seems quite compatible already, but might need a bit more optimization.

Ho yeah.

And that’s it for the (main) latest news.

As always, thanks a lot for your support!
See you soon for the next one.







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