Zefyr: A Thief's Melody

    In development - Free demo

A 3D adventure/stealth game with a contemplative mood. Play as a young thief studying at the Guild. Confront or avoid pirates, guards & robots. Explore and climb every island in a cartoon open world to collect flowers and cure animals. Defy giant Guardians during epic battles & ride a cute turtle!

Trailer | Presskit

Silent Night

    Released - Free demo

Ride Santa's sleigh on Christmas eve and deliver all the presents. Explore islands generated procedurally, make smart moves and find the best route to maximize your score... Or just chill out in this silent night.

Trailer | Presskit

Slide - Animal Race

    Released - Free demo

Play up to 8 friends (or enemies) together in this couch multiplayer racing game with cute sliding animals. Dive and jump to avoid obstacles, use bonuses and master the sliding mechanics on the crazy tracks to outrun the horde!

Trailer | Presskit

The Great Hide'n Seek Expawdition

    In Development - Free demo

A chill find-them-all game with roguelite elements and local coop for little and big kids. Find all the animal babies that went hiding away in the forest. Play as a raccoon dad or a rabbit mum, explore the environments, find hidden treasures and bring everybody home.

Splash Kids

    Released - Free

A cool coop game about my family re-coloring a gray city & fighting the Zombie-pocalypse.

Star Lady Fox

    Released - Free - Browser-friendly

Save the stellar whales in this old school space opera shooter. Simple controls, big explosions, a tribute to Star Fox, made for a game jam.

Pepper and Carrot - Potion of Flight

    Released - Free

At Squirrel End, play as Pepper, a young girl who tries hard to become a witch. Hunt for ingredients in the forest, fix your broom and fly around in this cozy and colorful game. Made for a game jam, based on the webcomic by David Revoy.

Christmas at Boningaland

    Released - Free - Browser & mobile-friendly

A hidden object game I made for my nephews. Find the Christmas presents and other funny things in the family house. In French only at the moment, but I guess everyone can play it nonetheless.

World of Ninjas

    Released - Free

A minimalist hardcore stealth game where you can blow up every wall. Guards are super reactive and you can create your own levels.

The Child Spirit

    Released - Free - Browser-friendly

The Child Spirit is a game I created from scratch for the Ludum Dare. You play a fox gathering forest animals to make the Great Spirit come back.


    Released - Free

A remake of the old MO5 brick breaker game on which I spent endlesss hours with my brother when we were kids. 27 levels, and you can create more thanks to a bitmap level editor!


    Released - Free

A classical endless shoot-em-up. Another of my oldest projects. Super simple, yet it was quite satisfying to create back then.


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Hi there! I'm Mathias and I've been creating video games since I was a child. I love coding, drawing and playing music. So what's better than creating a video game to do all of this at the same time? I do everything alone because I love every part of it and I'm a curious guy who likes to know how it works!

Apart from that, I'm a freelance developer for video games, spatial industry and stuff in between.

If you're interested in my other projets, check out my portfolio.
If you're interested in my art stuff, check out these places:


WHAT? Creating a Zelda-like video game alone? Are you insane?

Yes, I guess I am, but I wasn't aware of it at the beginning. And, my game is not as huge as a Zelda anyway...

It will take you years!

It already has 🙂 But I'm a patient guy. And meanwhile, I create smaller games too. Oh, and by the way, this is not a question.

Geek time! What are your softwares?

  • For the development: Unity 3D & Studio Code. I code in C#
  • For 3D models, animation, levels and some textures: Blender
  • For textures and 2D graphics: Krita, GIMP & Inkscape
  • For sounds: Audacity
  • For musics: LMMS & Ardour, and a bunch of soundfonts & VST plugins

How did you learn?

Short answer: Try. Improve. Repeat.

More in details, I started when I was 6. Back then, there wasn't internet everywhere, so I taught myself coding & computer graphics by reading books. I took drawing and drumming classes, and I never stopped practicing. I was never awesome, but I kept doing it. I learnt a lot of things alone, just by practicing, but I also learnt a lot of things at school, especially maths and physics. More recently, I've learnt tons of things watching tutorials on Internet. God, why didn't it exist when I was a kid?

When will Zefyr be released?

In a few years I guess? Actually, it depends a lot on how much financial support I can get... Because if I don't have enough money to work full time on it, I'll need more time to finish it.

Will you add multiplayer support to Zefyr?

No. I plan to do a "classical / old-school" solo adventure game. But if you want, you can play with friends watching and helping you, and you can share a pizza, just like good ol' days ;) But maybe some of my next games will be multiplayer.

Will Zefyr be released on tablets/mobiles?

No. The gameplay & controls are thought for mouse/keyboard or joypad controllers. It will be too much work to re-design the entire controls. Plus tablets are not powerful enough to run the game (at least for now).

Will Zefyr be released on consoles?

Maybe. It depends if the game has enough success on PCs and Macs. If this is the case, I may do a port to consoles. The controls are already almost console-compatible, so it will "only" be a matter of optimisation and adaptation to console architecture (which is still a huge work).

Can I make a let's play or a youtube/twitch video of your games?

Sure! Please send me the link to your video when it's online! So that I can see what went wrong in the game, and I can fix the problems. Oh, and if you can put a link to my website somewhere in the description (http://www.oneiricworlds.com), it's nice!

Did you make other games?

Yes! Tons... but most of them are not finished and not very playable. The most playable are listed here above. If you want to see a bit more you may check out my portfolio or my itch.io page.

What will you do after Zefyr?

Take holidays 😉 More seriously, I have plenty of other cool game projects (just like anybody I guess). So many that I already know that my whole lifetime won't be enough to make all of them. So if the game have enough success and that I have enough money, I'll keep on creating video games! Mmmm... Wait... Actually, I think I'll always try to create video games, even if the game fails and I don't have enough money. This is just what I do. The only difference is that I'll need more time 😋


contact at this domain


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Thanks a lot for your help.


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Thanks for reading all this.
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