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Slide Demos on

Hello everyone!

As said in the title, you can now have access to 🐢 Slide 🐬demos for Linux and Windows on And they are absolutely free!

I – Demo!

The demo features:

  • A track in the clouds with nearby auroras
  • A cute turtle to ride
  • Up to 4 local players in splitscreen

II – Updates

Since last time, a few things have changed:

  • Keyboard controls are more friendly (arrows for player 1, WASD|ZQSD for player 2)
  • Fixed UI sound level not affected by settings
  • Packaged Linux build
  • Auto deployment on with a simple click (super useful for updates).

III – Communication

Regarding the game, it’s not that much. However, I’ve spent a loooooot of time preparing the communication around the game:

  • Creation of & Steam page
  • Creation of a trailer
  • Creation of a presskit
  • Creation of all promotional material & artwork
  • Contacting press & streamers
  • Creation of custom tools to handle mailing & contacts

And wow! That was really more complicated & time consuming than I imagined.

And that’s all! I hope you’ll like the demos. Don’t hesitate to give me feedback, that will help me to improve the game. And, as always, you can

That’s probably what would help the most.

Peace, and take care!



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