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  • Surprise Game & Level Design

    Surprise Game & Level Design

    Hi there! September has passed, and it’s time for a little summary. What’s new this month? I – Marketing I’m still focusing on marketing with ads on Reddit and festival applications. The ads are yielding some results, and I’ve reached 3000 wishlists for the game. It’s not bad, but if I want the game to…

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  • 🎺Zefyr Demo is out 🎉

    🎺Zefyr Demo is out 🎉

    Yaaaaaaaay ! 🎉🎉🎉 Here it is! Finally! The demo of Zefyr: A Thief’s Melody is now available on the Steam Page: I really hope you’ll like it! If you want to help me spread the news, you can retweet this: Don’t hesitate to stream it, share it to the world, ask your favorite…

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  • Trailer, Demo coming & free jam game

    Trailer, Demo coming & free jam game

    Hello there, Another month has passed, and with it, a few improvements to the game and other stuff. Let’s start with… I – The Technical Part Firstly, the saves are now encrypted, which prevents “easy cheating.” For example, manually editing the save files with a text editor to add unlimited ammo for the player. Now,…

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  • Polish & Demo Release

    Polish & Demo Release

    Hello there! It’s time for a quick game update! So, what’s new this month? I – Polish I have mainly focused on polishing various systems, including maps, dialogs, and some sounds: Maps showing 2 floors of the same level. Little interjections to give a bit more life to the character. II – Next Demo OK,…

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  • Silent Night is out!

    Silent Night is out!

    Hello there, I’ve been really underwater lately! And I couldn’t even take the time to officially announce that Silent Night is now available! It’s a game where you play as Santa and you deliver the presents during Christmas Night. You can ride the magic reindeers, explore procedural snowy islands and find the best route to…

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  • Massive Update for Slide – Animal Race

    Massive Update for Slide – Animal Race

    Hello everyone, After a few months of additionnal work on Slide – Animal Race, here is a MASSIVE update! I tried to listen to all the feedback you gave me. I hope you’ll like it! Main improvements: 4 new tracks (Ocre Canyon, The Wave, Boreal Whales, Smooth Dunes) (10 tracks total) 2 new characters (Raccoon…

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  • Silent Night & Demo

    Silent Night & Demo

    Hello everyone! If you’re following me on social networks, maybe you’ve already seen this, but just in case… Remember my last post talking about how I should (and do actually) create little games aside from my big one “Ekko – A Thief’s Melody”? Well, here’s a new comer: Silent Night It’s a simple game where…

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  • A new Hide n Seek Game + Demo

    A new Hide n Seek Game + Demo

    If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen some screens of a new game/experiment I’ve been working on. It’s now called “The Great Hide n Seek Expawdition” and it has a Steam page here: And a playable demo is coming for the Steam Next Fest (formerly Steam Summer festival) on June 16th! Don’t…

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  • New tracks for Slide, Animal Race

    New tracks for Slide, Animal Race

    Hello everyone, A quick news regarding Slide Animal Race: I’m currently working on new tracks in order to provide more content (I’ve had some feedback from players about that). So here are a few screens: I plan to add more of course, and these should be released before the end of year. Peace, take care!

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  • 🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 is AVAILABLE NOW!

    🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 is AVAILABLE NOW!

    Hello there! Finally some BIG news for me and for my first official game: Slide, Animal Race… It’s now available on Steam! I hope you’ll like it…

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  • Fixed Cameras & Translations

    Fixed Cameras & Translations

    Hello everyone, The final release of Slide is approaching! For reminders, it’s planned on February, 17th. Right now I’m working on (better) translations of the game. It will be available in English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish. Here’s a little glimpse at it: It’s pretty weird to rediscover your own game…

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  • Release Date for Slide

    Release Date for Slide

    Finally! After (more or less) one year of working on Slide, I’ve set up a release date on Steam! It’s a big step for me as it’s my first “official” indie game, even if I’ve been creating games for more than 20 years… Already ! Wow! So the game will be available on… February, 17th…

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  • Demo on Steam & New Character

    Demo on Steam & New Character

    Steam Autumn Game Festival The Steam Autumn Game Festival is approaching, and I thought it would be a nice occasion to finally release the Slide demo on Steam. And good news: the demo build has officially been validated by Steam! It’s a great premiere for me 🙂 Because, in case you wonder, no, it’s not…

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  • Slide Demos on

    Slide Demos on

    Hello everyone! As said in the title, you can now have access to 🐢 Slide 🐬demos for Linux and Windows on And they are absolutely free! I – Demo! The demo features: A track in the clouds with nearby auroras A cute turtle to ride Up to 4 local players in splitscreen Download 🐢 Slide 🐬…

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  • Slide on Steam

    Slide on Steam

    Finally! After all these years of coding games, I’ve achieved something showable to the world on a Steam page! You might already know it but 🐢 Slide 🐬 is a multiplayer race game with cute sliding animals. You can play it with friends or family. So if you think that game is for you, don’t…

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  • 🐢 Slide 🐬 on!

    🐢 Slide 🐬 on!

    Hello everyone, As you might now, at the moment, I’m working on Slide, a little “spin off” game of A Thief’s Melody, in order to rise some additional funds. And I’m happy to announce that the page of Slide is now live! You can check it out here: Visit 🐢 Slide 🐬 page on…

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  • December 2018 Demo

    December 2018 Demo

    Hello everyone, After the Toulouse Game Show (more on that later), I had quite some feedback and bug reports so I corrected many things on the demo. So, after many fixes… Here is a new demo of A Thief’s Melody, a 3D cartoon adventure/stealth game with a contemplative atmosphere, somewhere between “Zelda” and “Beyond Good…

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  • May 2018 Demo

    May 2018 Demo

    Hello everyone,   It’s been a while since the last demo, and I’ve worked on many visual improvements, so I decided it was enough to publish a new version of the game. As usual, don’t be surprise as the main quest is more or less the same (see details below to learn what’s new). So here…

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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Hello there, and happy new year! OK, I’m a bit late, but we’re still in January… It’s been a while since the last post, but I’m still working on the game 🙂 Lately my Windows crashed and I’ve moved my whole production pipeline to Linux (including Unity). It was a bit complicated, and I’m still…

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