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Category: News

  • Patreon & Festivals

    Patreon & Festivals

    Hello there, It’s been 2 months since the last post, and I must be honest, it has mainly been due to the holidays! However, I took some time to work on two main things: Patreon I reworked my Patreon page. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a platform to financially help creators (artists, […]

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  • 🎺Zefyr Demo is out 🎉

    🎺Zefyr Demo is out 🎉

    Yaaaaaaaay ! 🎉🎉🎉 Here it is! Finally! The demo of Zefyr: A Thief’s Melody is now available on the Steam Page: I really hope you’ll like it! If you want to help me spread the news, you can retweet this: Don’t hesitate to stream it, share it to the world, ask your favorite […]

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  • Trailer, Demo coming & free jam game

    Trailer, Demo coming & free jam game

    Hello there, Another month has passed, and with it, a few improvements to the game and other stuff. Let’s start with… I – The Technical Part Firstly, the saves are now encrypted, which prevents “easy cheating.” For example, manually editing the save files with a text editor to add unlimited ammo for the player. Now, […]

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  • Polish & Demo Release

    Polish & Demo Release

    Hello there! It’s time for a quick game update! So, what’s new this month? I – Polish I have mainly focused on polishing various systems, including maps, dialogs, and some sounds: Maps showing 2 floors of the same level. Little interjections to give a bit more life to the character. II – Next Demo OK, […]

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  • Ocean again, sound design & NPC

    Ocean again, sound design & NPC

    Hello there, Welcome to the April update! What’s new this month? Ocean Gameplay I’ve been working on the ocean gameplay and now, the waves have a real influence on the gameplay! The turtle can move up and down waves and I have also added the ability to jump. This makes the controls more inline with […]

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  • Ocean, Saves & Trailer

    Ocean, Saves & Trailer

    Hello everyone, Yes, I’m trying to post a bit more regularly these days. I hope I’ll stick to it. So here’s the summary of what I did this month: Saves As I had some friends test the game, I had to rework the save system. When something went wrong during testing, the save file became […]

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  • Tests, UI & more

    Tests, UI & more

    Hello everyone! For once, it hasn’t been that long since the last blog post! Yay!So what’s new since last time ? Tests I’m still testing the full game with a few people. I’ve been correcting some soft-locks, too-hard puzzles, missing dialogs and explanations, I’ve improved mission descriptions… The game is better with each test, but […]

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  • 2022 Review

    2022 Review

    Hello everyone, and happy new year! I say this for each blog post, but it’s been a reaaaally long time! Almost one year without writing here. A bad year for blog communication then, but on the bright side, it has been a good year for the developement. Back To Zefyr After working on & updating […]

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  • Update of the website

    Update of the website

    Hello eveyone! I finally took the time to update my website! Now you can check all my games at once! Indeed, this year, I’ve worked on a few little games, and in the end, it’s starting to create a nice catalog. So don’t hesitate to take a look, and test them (most of them are […]

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  • Silent Night is out!

    Silent Night is out!

    Hello there, I’ve been really underwater lately! And I couldn’t even take the time to officially announce that Silent Night is now available! It’s a game where you play as Santa and you deliver the presents during Christmas Night. You can ride the magic reindeers, explore procedural snowy islands and find the best route to […]

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  • Massive Update for Slide – Animal Race

    Massive Update for Slide – Animal Race

    Hello everyone, After a few months of additionnal work on Slide – Animal Race, here is a MASSIVE update! I tried to listen to all the feedback you gave me. I hope you’ll like it! Main improvements: 4 new tracks (Ocre Canyon, The Wave, Boreal Whales, Smooth Dunes) (10 tracks total) 2 new characters (Raccoon […]

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  • Silent Night & Demo

    Silent Night & Demo

    Hello everyone! If you’re following me on social networks, maybe you’ve already seen this, but just in case… Remember my last post talking about how I should (and do actually) create little games aside from my big one “Ekko – A Thief’s Melody”? Well, here’s a new comer: Silent Night It’s a simple game where […]

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  • A new Hide n Seek Game + Demo

    A new Hide n Seek Game + Demo

    If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen some screens of a new game/experiment I’ve been working on. It’s now called “The Great Hide n Seek Expawdition” and it has a Steam page here: And a playable demo is coming for the Steam Next Fest (formerly Steam Summer festival) on June 16th! Don’t […]

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  • New tracks for Slide, Animal Race

    New tracks for Slide, Animal Race

    Hello everyone, A quick news regarding Slide Animal Race: I’m currently working on new tracks in order to provide more content (I’ve had some feedback from players about that). So here are a few screens: I plan to add more of course, and these should be released before the end of year. Peace, take care!

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  • A few Blender tutorials

    A few Blender tutorials

    Hello there! It’s been a while! As always, I have many new things to share with you, and not enough time to write about it! But one thing at a time 😀! Today I share a few Blender video tutorials I’ve made while creating Slide Animal Race. It’s the making-of of the penguin character, from […]

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  • 🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 is AVAILABLE NOW!

    🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 is AVAILABLE NOW!

    Hello there! Finally some BIG news for me and for my first official game: Slide, Animal Race… It’s now available on Steam! I hope you’ll like it…

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  • Release Date for Slide

    Release Date for Slide

    Finally! After (more or less) one year of working on Slide, I’ve set up a release date on Steam! It’s a big step for me as it’s my first “official” indie game, even if I’ve been creating games for more than 20 years… Already ! Wow! So the game will be available on… February, 17th […]

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  • Demo on Steam & New Character

    Demo on Steam & New Character

    Steam Autumn Game Festival The Steam Autumn Game Festival is approaching, and I thought it would be a nice occasion to finally release the Slide demo on Steam. And good news: the demo build has officially been validated by Steam! It’s a great premiere for me 🙂 Because, in case you wonder, no, it’s not […]

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  • Slide Demos on

    Slide Demos on

    Hello everyone! As said in the title, you can now have access to 🐢 Slide 🐬demos for Linux and Windows on And they are absolutely free! I – Demo! The demo features: A track in the clouds with nearby auroras A cute turtle to ride Up to 4 local players in splitscreen Download 🐢 Slide 🐬 […]

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  • Slide on Steam

    Slide on Steam

    Finally! After all these years of coding games, I’ve achieved something showable to the world on a Steam page! You might already know it but 🐢 Slide 🐬 is a multiplayer race game with cute sliding animals. You can play it with friends or family. So if you think that game is for you, don’t […]

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  • Slide Trailer

    Slide Trailer

    Everything’s in the title! After many nights of capturing gameplay and editing stuff, here is the trailer for Slide: I hope it gives a good idea of the game 🙂 If you think some of your friends might be interested by this, don’t hesitate to share it! It’s free for you, and it helps me […]

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  • 🐢 Slide 🐬 on!

    🐢 Slide 🐬 on!

    Hello everyone, As you might now, at the moment, I’m working on Slide, a little “spin off” game of A Thief’s Melody, in order to rise some additional funds. And I’m happy to announce that the page of Slide is now live! You can check it out here: Visit 🐢 Slide 🐬 page on […]

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  • News & Surprise Demo

    News & Surprise Demo

    Hello everyone, It’s been a long time (and I say that on almost every post, but this time, I truly break records!), but I’ve been super busy… And as it seems we’ll all stay at home for a while (at least for a majority of people), I thought I could take the time to give […]

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  • Key Art Poster

    Key Art Poster

    Hello everyone,   You might have already noticed it, but I recently worked on a new painting to promote the game. So here is the new picture that will now be on my website background (and other communication supports I guess):   I tried to design something that conveys the same feeling than the game, mixing […]

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