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Demo on Steam & New Character

Steam Autumn Game Festival

The Steam Autumn Game Festival is approaching, and I thought it would be a nice occasion to finally release the Slide demo on Steam. And good news: the demo build has officially been validated by Steam! It’s a great premiere for me 🙂 Because, in case you wonder, no, it’s not as simple as a single click upload… I can now officially announce that…

My first Steam demo is going to be available at the beginning of October!

It will be the same as on, but I guess it could reach more people. And of course, there will be Windows, Linux and MacOS versions too. Oh by the way, the MacOS demo version is already available on

And apart from that?

I’m still working on communication around the game, and I build specific tools to help me with it. But even if I have to do it, that’s not really my thing. At some point, I had to make a break and to actually create something for a game, so I added an animal character to Slide:

Say hello to the Emperor Penguin!

It was quite fun to do, but I see that I still have to improve my animation skills. I hope to post a making-of video soon.

And that’s it! Peace and stay safe.