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🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 is AVAILABLE NOW!

Hello everyone!

📢Today is the big day! 📢

After all this time of coding games on my own, my first official game 🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 finally comes to release. I’ve been working on it for 1 year, creating every aspect of it, from code to graphics and music ! I hope you’ll like it 🙂 Here’s a little trailer to celebrate:

If you can’t see the video, check it on youtube.

It’s been quite a journey to get there, and I learnt a lot in many different areas (music, marketing, animation, level design, whatever, you name it…). 

🙏Thanks a lot to everyone for all the feedbacks, the tests, the discussions, the cheering up… 🙏

For reminders: 🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 is a local multiplayer race game with cute animals, for little and big kids. In this game, you can:

  • Play up to 8 friends in split-screen
  • Play quick & fun races
  • Ride cute animals
  • Dive to avoid obstacles and gain boosts
  • Use bonuses & power-ups to outrun the horde
  • Find hidden shortcuts
  • Discover dreamy tracks
  • Play with younger players thanks to driving/riding assistance options

Of course, the demo will remain free for everyone to test.

And if you wonder about “A Thief’s Melody” (as I know some do), I still plan to work on it of course. This year should bring some news, and I also have other smaller projects to back it up too (because I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t put all my eggs in the same basket). But more about this later, it’s just the beginning of the adventure.

Have fun, keep playing & making games, and take care 🙂

Oh! And as I’m pretty much an unknown developer, don’t hesitate to share this with your gamer, streamer or incredibly generous millionaire friends 🙂 To help you with the process, here’s a mail template to copy-paste as much as you want:



I’ve been following this indie game dev, and I think this could interest you: he just released 🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬, a local multiplayer race game with cute animals, for little and big kids. You can check out the Steam page: There’s a free demo if you want to test it.

And don’t hesitate to forward the mail if you think that might interest some of your contacts, it would help him a lot. Thanks for him.