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Massive Update for Slide – Animal Race

Hello everyone,

After a few months of additionnal work on Slide – Animal Race, here is a MASSIVE update! I tried to listen to all the feedback you gave me. I hope you’ll like it!

Main improvements:

  • 4 new tracks (Ocre Canyon, The Wave, Boreal Whales, Smooth Dunes) (10 tracks total)
  • 2 new characters (Raccoon & Eagle) (8 animals total)
  • 12 concurrents on each track
  • Relooking of minimap icons
  • New & more understandable victory screen with race timings
  • AI reworking for a better difficulty balance
  • A new track for the demo (Diplodocus Desert instead of Dragons of Aurora)
  • A WebGL demo build playable directly in your browser (limited & not as smooth as the desktop ones however, due to technical constraints) available on

Other improvements:

  • Nice smoke FX in desert races
  • Sound & music rebalancing
  • Larger tracks for the difficult levels Pirate Cove & Dragons of Aurora
  • Fix lots of bad respawn bugs
  • Breakable lanterns in Lantern Festival
  • Readability improvements: black outline on animals, remove useless random FX, rework assets positioning on some tracks
  • Better gravity and orientation management during jumps
  • Nicer animal selection screen
  • Improvement of some animal models
  • Thin black line to separate each player subscreen
  • Slight gameplay adjustment on slowing grass, bombs & lightning
  • Polish on some feedback (slowing grass, lightning & speeder)
  • Many fixes & optimisations

Of course, it’s not finished, I plan to add more content in the future (tracks, animals, maybe game modes…).

But for now, the price stays the same!

You can check all this (new demo or full game) on Steam or

If you like all this, don’t hesitate to leave a review on the stores, it helps a lot!


As a bonus, here are a few screens of the updates:



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