99 % playable – First milestone!


After more than 3 years of work, I’ve reached a point where the whole main quest of the game is playable. I’ve fully tested it before the Christmas holidays and it took me about 4 hours to speed run the game. Generally speaking, people playing my game take between 1.5 & 3 times longer than I do to complete a single level (when they play for the first time of course). Then I hope that the game in its actual state will provide at least 6 hours of gameplay and maybe up to 10 hours for people who like to wander around and explore.


A screenshot from one of the last levels.

This is truly a great achievement to me. It conforts me in the path I’ve chosen for this game. Of course the game is far from finished. Even in this state it’s difficult to play for anybody other than me because it lacks all the cinematics, story,  explanations and lots of the gameplay mechanics are still very rough (Hence the 99% of the title). But still, this is quite a huge milestone for me.

From now on I can finally spend some time on polishing and correcting stuff that has been asking for it for years. I will certainly make many test campaigns in the following months,  and of course you’ll be informed! You might even be asked for a little help as a tester 🙂

For people who like numbers here are a few:

  • Chapter 1: 20 minutes of play
  • Chapters 2 3 4 & 5: 55 minutes of play (I swear this is true! All these chapters last the same time +- 1 minute…)
  • To do list: 1261 lines. But of course lot of stuff is not listed 🙂
  • Done list: 5470 lines.

So, to celebrate, here are a few screenshots from the whole game in no particular order. As you might see, it’s still a bit empty, but the base is here.

20160928_09232020151206_200024 20160418_100358 20151102_101330 20151203_142811 20160127_112356 20160225_165446 20160315_092039 20160526_152526 20160613_103601

Thanks a lot for the support, and see you very soon for the next updates! Ho, and happy new year to all of you!

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