🐢 Slide 🐬 on Itch.io!

Hello everyone,

As you might now, at the moment, I’m working on Slide, a little “spin off” game of A Thief’s Melody, in order to rise some additional funds. And I’m happy to announce that the Itch.io page of Slide is now live! You can check it out here:

Visit 🐢 Slide 🐬 page on Itch.io

If you don’t know about Itch.io, it’s an online game store, a bit like Steam, but much more indie oriented, and indie dev friendly. That’s a good platform to start to push the game and see how the community responds to it.

Anyways, the Steam page will come soon too, so stay tuned 😉

And here’s a little key art I made for the occasion:


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